Youth, Our Future

We aim to be the pioneer of more conscious choices with the trainings we organize for university students, the certificates we offer and the job opportunities we provide.
<span>Youth</span>, Our Future
Universities we cooperate with
Logosoft and cooperation with Turkey's elite universities that have occurred among both academics studying both university students.
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Sakarya University
Yeditepe University
Gebze Teknik University
Yalova University
 Change is not always  thriving
Change is not always thriving
As Logosoft, we believe that the secret of change is development.
It is our top priority for our university students to take a step into business life knowing the business processes, act with high awareness about the field they want to head towards, and adopt the principle of continuous improvement by training.
Behind the value-added business is a constantly evolving technology!
As Logosoft, we maintain our sectoral leadership with our business partnerships, technological innovations we closely follow and analysis activities we carry out for sectoral needs!
Recruitment took place
As a result of the trainings we have conducted, we have provided employment for 100+ university students.
Trainings were organized
We organized national trainings for university students.
Universities were collaborated with (integrated)
We have launched our project with the support of universities in Turkey.
Participants joined the seminars we organized
We reached 5000+ people through the seminars we organized.
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Become our business partner and let us sail together towards a future full of success and profits.