What is Copilot in Excel, How to Use It?




Excel stands out for being an Office application that can be used for many operations. Microsoft Excel Copilot takes your Excel experience to a new level. With its features, Copilot not only makes your Excel work easier, but also helps you improve it. In this way, it becomes possible to produce much more professional works. You can read on for how to use Excel Copilot and much more.

What is Copilot in Excel? 



Copilot, which is made available by Microsoft with all 365 programs, including Excel, is an AI-powered assistant. Microsoft Excel Copilot supports many issues, especially writing formulas.


With the use of Excel Copilot, many tasks can be done quickly and work efficiency can be increased. In case of any errors in the formulas, these errors can be easily corrected with Copilot.


Microsoft Excel Copilot can also be used to better understand and interpret data. Just like in Word and PowerPoint applications, Copilot can be given instructions in Excel to perform goals such as typing the desired formula.


At the same time, Copilot can be used for visualization and analysis of data. In this way, the data can be made clearer and more understandable. 

How to Use Copilot in Excel? 



To use Copilot in Excel, all you need to do is open a new Excel file. After opening the Excel file, you can click on the Copilot option in the menu at the top and activate Copilot.


In Copilot Excel, users can use the formulas they want to use by giving instructions, and ask Copilot for ideas to improve their work. They can also use Copilot for simple but challenging tasks, such as having all the data in the Excel table in the same font.


Microsoft Excel Copilot can show insights based on your data or questions you ask about your data. After activating Copilot, you can use this feature by clicking on the analyze option. With this analysis, you can make improvements and edits to your data.


With the improvements and arrangements you will make, you can perform your operations in Excel much faster and more practically. At the same time, you can do much better work by increasing productivity. 

What Can Be Done in Excel with Copilot? 



To be able to do something with Copilot in Excel, the first thing you need to do is open an Excel file. You can start using Copilot by activating it in the file you opened. For example, let's say you're preparing a calculation table.


You will need a variety of data for this table. Microsoft Excel Copilot will help you create and refine a table of the data you provide if you instruct it correctly. In addition to this, it will also enable you to use the formulas that you may need.


If you have data in your table, such as total results, and you want to make sure it's accurate, you can also use Excel Copilot. So you can have a file where all the calculations are correct.


You can also use Copilot for simple tasks, such as making sure that all the fonts in the file are the same. That's not all you can do in Excel with Copilot. You can benefit from Copilot for many purposes such as data analysis, formula writing, data editing, modeling, and visualization.

Data Analysis

Excel Copilot can analyze your data. Copilot analyzes your data to represent it as charts, PivotTable objects, summaries, trends, or outliers. In case you need more suggestions, you can use the refresh button. Once you've analyzed your Copilot data, you can choose from different insights to help you get the most out of it. You can add a chart to your data, and if multiple insights are available, you can add all the insights in the form of a grid on a new page. You can also provide more details so that Copilot can provide more suggestions.

Formula Writing

Writing formulas in Excel can sometimes be challenging. Microsoft Excel Copilot can come to your aid in such situations and write the codes you need. By using the formula suggestions offered by Copilot, you can get the formula writing process done much faster. In this way, you can save time and use the formulas prepared by Copilot in a practical way.


You can also use Copilot to check whether the previously written formulas are working or to correct the places where the formula gives an error. Thus, you can get help for troublesome errors and verify the accuracy of the formulas.

Editing Data

Organizing data in Excel is just as important as entering data. Copilot helps you ensure data integrity by filtering, sorting, transforming, and combining your data. Thus, you can remove the data from the clutter and have a more organized file. In addition, with the organization of the data in the file, you can have a much more understandable table.


Modeling on Excel helps make the data more understandable. An example of how to use Excel Copilot and what it does is modeling. Copilot can also be used to model within Excel files. After running Copilot, the details you provide about the data you want to model allow Excel Copilot to model in more detail.


Excel offers several features for visualization. For example, you can convert some data into a pie-sliced chart. Thanks to this chart, you can make the data more understandable. You can use many different charts, not just pie charts. 

What are the Advantages of Copilot for Excel?


Just as notable as how to use Excel Copilot is the benefits it offers. The advantages of Copilot for Excel are listed as follows:


       Sometimes writing formulas can be long and challenging. Excel, on the other hand, generally works on a formula basis. For this reason, it is of great importance to write formulas in Excel. Microsoft Excel Copilot addresses your formula needs in your table by providing formula suggestions and checking existing formulas. In this way, it becomes possible to write formulas quickly and easily.

       Analyzing and modeling data in Excel helps to make the data more understandable and to produce clearer tables. Copilot can be used to analyze data and for modeling purposes. At the same time, it provides users with various predictions and modeling by analyzing the data. Thus, the improvements that can be made on the table are also seen.

       In addition to analyzing and modeling, Copilot also enables operations such as visualization and data editing for Excel. When it comes to data editing, Copilot guides users through data filtering, sorting, transforming, and merging. When it comes to visualization, Copilot helps users visualize data more effectively by suggesting a variety of charts and visualizations.

       Copilot also provides an advantage in terms of preventing and correcting mistakes that users may make. Copilot's recommendations are especially effective in identifying errors when writing formulas or analyzing data.

       Copilot is pretty easy to use. After enabling Copilot in Excel, users can take advantage of Copilot's suggestions by specifying the actions they want to take. In this way, users can work more efficiently.

       Copilot in Excel allows users to perform many operations more effectively, such as data analysis, modeling, visualization, and data editing. This, in turn, increases work efficiency and allows users to achieve better quality results.

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