Providing a secure, cost-effective and efficient way to support remote workers has become increasingly important for all companies in today's conditions. You may already be aware that many organizations are taking advantage of virtual desktops. Asmost of the business powerbecomes increasingly accustomed to managing business processes with remote work, virtual desktops are becoming more popular. The truth is that the way we work is evolving rapidly. A growing number of companies are adapting to these changes, and with Azure Virtual Desktop,  also known as Windows Virtual Desktop, costs are falling significantly for companies.


However, remote work is not the only use case for this solution.  Azure Windows Virtual Desktop gives your entire team an easy and secure way to securely access the information and applications they need on their devices. This  saves time and resources and increases employee productivity.


What is Virtual Desktop?


A virtual desktop is a desktop with all thefeatures that runs  on a remote server. This  means that the employee  can securely access work applications and data from any device, no matter where they are.  It alsooffers several advantages by expanding the possibilities beyond the physical desktop screen in that fis. Azure Windows Virtual Desktop is also a desktop application and visualization service that runs on the cloud. It delivers the tools and resources your employees already use, while providing all the benefits you'd expect from a virtual desktop.


Benefits of Virtual Desktop


Needs need to be clearly defined and detailed before you can determine if your organization can benefit from a virtual desktop solution . Virtual desktops provide the appropriate benefits according to specific situations. According to various situations, the use of virtual desktops is the appropriate solution.


1. Your staff needs to work remotely. Your team needs to be able to work from home, while traveling,  or in the office, and have the same user experience no matter where they are.


2. You need simple security management.  When you have contractors or part-time staff who need access to information, safety can be a concern. Azure WVD makes it easy to provide controlled and secure access to your data and applications. In addition, your full-time employees can use their home computers (or Macs) to connect to virtual desktop. This keeps all your corporate information safe.


3. You need PCs every once in a while.  If not all your employees need a dedicated computer, don't waste resources to set up multiple physical machines. Azure WVD makes it possible to deploy virtual desktops when you need them. As your needs change, you can add or remove virtual desktops to meet the needs of your workforce.


4. Do you need different types of PCs for different teams in the business?  You can deploy different virtual desktops to different groups of users. That way, users can access only the apps and information they need to do their jobs. By not showing them the information they don't need, you can give them the computing power they need to work.


What Makes Azure Windows Virtual  Desktop Different?


In the past, virtual desktop solutions were complex and expensive. Companieswere difficult to set up and manage. A large server infrastructure was required to run virtual desktops. For this reason, most small and medium-sized businesses did not have the resources to manage their virtual desktops in-house. Azure WVD has made this accessible and cost-effective for any business.


1. Simple to deploy and configure.  Now it's  easier than ever to manage Azure WVD. In the Azure portal, you can deploy and manage virtual desktops and applications, assign users, and access monitoring and diagnostics. All this is available to you in a single interface.


2. Cost-effective.  Azure Windows Virtual Desktop saves your organization costs because you only pay for virtual servers when your virtual desktops are on. In addition, when using  an Azure W VD, less infrastructure is required to run a distributed team.


3. Easy to scale.  You can quickly provision all your business apps to your users as complete Windows 10  desktops.  As your workforce changes, you can also increase or decrease the number of virtual desktops you use.


4. Flexible. As with  all Microsoft Cloud Services, Azure WVD has no contractual commitment. The service itself is also more flexible than other options available, as it allows you to choose to offer your employees the full desktop experience or only offer certain virtual apps.


5. It offers advanced security.  Moving your company's data to an Azure WVD eliminates the risk of any hardware being tampered with, lost, or stolen. WVD is built on the same security as Microsoft Azure. So you'll be able to take full advantage of identity management, backup, database security, and more. Keep in mind that Microsoft invests over $1 billion in security each year, has more than 3,500 security experts dedicated to improving your security, and has more compliance certifications than any other cloud service provider. That means you have access to the latest and greatest security tools available.


 Who Should Use Azure Windows Virtual Desktop?


This solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Azure WVD is particularly useful for organizations that need their staff to work remotely, or that use an external resource, or that need a different number of desktops and types. If you've thought about using a virtual desktop in the past and cost or complexity is holding you back, now is the time to think about it.


Start using  MicrosoftAzure's virtual desktop, one of the world's most popular cloud services, with Logosoft's 30 years of experience and enjoy quality service.

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