How to Use Copilot in Microsoft Teams?



Different applications are used to handle meetings, which have an important place in business processes. One of these applications, Microsoft Teams, helps you communicate more strongly with your team. Copilot, the AI-powered assistant offered by Microsoft, has a great place in terms of making the use of Teams more efficient. With Teams Copilot, it's much easier to bring everything together and get organized. You can find detailed information about Microsoft Teams Copilot from the rest of the article.

What Are the General Features of Copilot for Teams? 



Teams is a Microsoft application preferred by many individuals and organizations that supports issues such as organizing meetings and communication within the team. The AI-powered assistant Copilot is an assistant that can be used with Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint, as well as Teams.


Considering that artificial intelligence technology is gradually developing and finding its place in life, it is possible to say that Copilot, which Microsoft has introduced, has many functions. Copilot performs many operations on Teams, especially summarizing conversations.


Microsoft Teams Copilot helps you summarize your meetings and conversations on Teams, put together business materials like documents and presentations, and give instructions and get the things you want done.





In addition to its suggestions and summarization capability, Copilot is also fully compatible with other Microsoft applications. With all these features, the Copilot artificial intelligence tool helps the business process to be more efficient. 

What Are the General Features of Copilot for Teams? 



Among the general features of Teams Copilot, the first is that Copilot provides summarization of discussion points during the meeting. This summary may include details such as what was discussed and what ideas were defended. It is also possible to propose various items on the subject during the meeting.


If your meeting on Teams is recorded and you join 5 minutes or more after it starts, you'll receive a notification from Copilot to get a summary.

Simply open Copilot from the meeting controls at the top of your meeting window and wait for the summary to appear on the right side of your meeting window.


Microsoft Teams Copilot sends a notification a few minutes before your meeting ends to help you end the meeting. You can open Copilot to see a summary of the topics in the meeting and to define the steps if there are steps planned in the meeting.


You can take advantage of Microsoft Teams Copilot by asking if there are any unresolved issues or open issues on the meeting agenda, or any other questions that can help you with ending the meeting.


You can also use Copilot to create a summary after a long meeting or conversation. At the same time, Copilot works with you by bringing together data from your documents, presentations, emails, calendar, notes, and contacts in Microsoft Teams. In this way, it contributes to your productivity.


Easily find all the information hidden in documents or chats through Microsoft Teams Copilot and add efficiency to your work efficiency with the power of artificial intelligence!

Increasing Meeting Productivity with Copilot in Teams



It is possible to increase meeting efficiency by using Copilot in Teams. Copilot, combined with the powerful communication and collaboration features offered by Teams, enables team members to work efficiently and organized.


If examples are given in terms of increasing efficiency, it can be said that Copilot can convey the meeting agenda to the people attending the meeting in advance and emphasize important points. In this way, the team can participate in meetings in a more prepared and focused way.


Thanks to Copilot's summarization feature offered during the meeting, it becomes possible to easily jot down important talking points and decisions made. This prevents you from losing details that need to be remembered after the meeting.


In Teams meetings, you can make decisions using Copilot's recommendations. For example, you can use Copilot to check if a consensus has been reached on a particular issue or to identify immediate action items.


With Copilot's post-meeting summarization and feedback features, you can gather feedback among participants on the effectiveness and efficiency of the meeting and make improvements for future meetings.

Streamlining Workflows with Copilot in Teams 


In addition to increasing meeting efficiency, Microsoft Teams Copilot also helps streamline workflows. At this point, tasks can be assigned and tracked in Teams channels using Copilot. For example, you can assign tasks to team members who are working on a specific project and track their progress reports.


Thanks to the document and message summarization feature of the Copilot AI tool, you can quickly document and share important information with your team. This ensures consistency and integrity within the team. You can also take notes on meetings and share them with team members.

Benefits of Using Copilot in Microsoft Teams

There are many benefits to using Copilot in Microsoft Teams. Among these benefits, various benefits such as meeting efficiency, data management, efficient communication, AI-powered insights, and cross-application efficiency stand out.

Meeting Efficiency

With the Copilot AI tool, your meetings can become much more efficient. Before the meeting, participants can quickly master the meeting agenda with Copilot's summarization feature. Notes and decisions taken during the meeting can be recorded in a more organized manner through Copilot. After the meeting, these notes can be reviewed.

Data Management

Copilot makes data management within Teams more efficient. Thanks to the document and message summarization feature, important information is quickly documented and archived. While this facilitates information sharing within the team, it also prevents possible data loss.

Efficient Communication

The AI-powered insights provided by Copilot improve communication. Communicate more effectively in chats and channels within Teams with Copilot's recommendations and analytics. In this way, messages become more understandable and communication gaps are reduced.

AI-Powered Insights

The insights provided by Copilot's artificial intelligence support provide many conveniences. The Copilot AI tool analyzes meetings, messages, and documents, highlighting and summarizing important information. This speeds up decision-making processes and improves business performance.

Cross-App Efficiency

Microsoft Teams Copilot improves efficiency across different apps. It accesses data from documents, emails, calendar events, and other apps within Teams to create an integrated work environment. This enables team members to work efficiently and optimizes business processes.

In summary, it is possible to say that the advantages offered by Copilot in areas such as meeting efficiency, data management, communication, AI-powered insights, and cross-application efficiency make business processes smarter and more efficient. With these features, teams can work more effectively and achieve success faster.

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