With comprehensive cyber protection that combines data protection, cybersecurity, and endpoint protection management, customers can protect their Microsoft 365 apps and data. Ensure that your customers' Microsoft 365 data is backed up and protected from potential disaster scenarios with best-in-class, cloud-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery technologies  . Stop and block all email threats, including zero-day malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs), before they reach customers' Microsoft 365 mailboxes. In addition, with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can monitor all Microsoft products for vulnerabilities and shut them down instantly with automated patch management prioritized based on the criticality of the vulnerabilities.


Address customerpermission concerns with easy, efficient, and secure Microsoft 365 protection


Regaincontrol of your customers' Microsoft 365 data, manage unnecessary spend, and keep business going with an easy-to-access, efficient, and secure cloud-to-cloud backup solution.


Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud's Microsoft 365 Capabilities by Logosoft


Backup for Microsoft Exchange Online


Back up Microsoft Exchange Online email, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes, and calendar. Recover all the data you need easily and quickly.


Back up Microsoft OneDrive for Business


Back up files and folders for Microsoft OneDrive for Business and flexibly recover all necessary data, including access permissions.


Backup for Microsoft SharePoint Online


Back up Microsoft SharePoint Online site collections, team sites, communication sites, and any access permissions settings. Recover all critical items in detail and download files directly from backup.


Backup for Microsoft Teams


Easily and securely back up the team's name, member list, channels, and content, as well as any team, including team mailboxes, meetings, and team sites.


Convenient agentless backup


  Get simplified configuration and maintenance of the solution without the need to install an agent on local systems. The agent runs on the secure Acronis Cloud.


 Restore section by section  in seconds


Recoveryour systems in seconds to avoid downtime and ensure business continuity  . Back up and restore necessary data in detail, such as emails, files, websites, contacts, attachments and more.


Quick backup search


Access your customers' backed-up data. Search for specific Microsoft 365 items and use them immediately before recovering. Download the critical file or attachment or send the email directly from the backup.


Powerful condition monitoring


Achieve higher levels of transparency and security through advanced reporting capabilities, including widgets, notifications, and alerts for critical events, and backup status monitoring.


Next-generation dynamic scanning (with Advanced Email Security)


Stop  zero-day attacks and APTs  with unique CPU-level technology that detects and blocks advanced attacks that evade traditional defenses during a potential leak phase by identifying  deviations from  normal flow during runtime.


Anti-phishing engines (with Advanced Email Security)


 Detect malicious URLs with four leading URL engines combined with an advanced image recognition technology to verify the legitimacy of URLs based on logos and images used on web pages.


X-ray information (with Advanced Email Security)


 Leverage a holistic view of the threat landscape across organizations with proactive insights into potential threats for each email and analysis of any files or URLs that the SOC team needs forensic review.


Incident response services (with Advanced Email Security)


 Empower your security teams by providing services with continuous reporting and support, with  direct access to cyberanalysts and email security experts who monitor all customer traffic and analyze malicious applications.

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