Acronis True Image is a cybersecurity and threat detection platform for applications, files, and systems that provides real-time protection against cyberthreats, ransomware, and crypto theft attacks.


The system comes with advanced cybersecurity features such as web filtering, vulnerability assessments, video conferencing protection, end-to-end encryption, behavioral analysis engine, and more. In addition, Acronis True Image offers user-friendly cyber protection that analyzes backup activity and cybersecurity metrics for all devices in a single location of data.


Acronis True Image is the most powerful service on the market today. So much so that it meets the heavy backup demands of professional users, SMEs and large-scale companies in the most effective way.


Some Benefits of Using Acronis True Image Nowadays!


With the pandemic,  the changing ways of working, connecting and communicating have changed drastically. In today's conditions where home or hybrid work has become normal, the safety of technological devices used at home has become the top priority of businesses. In such an environment, the cybersecurity measures to be taken by both employees and business owners were vital.


With the technological changes, independent backup and traditional cyber security methods have largely lost their validity. In this direction, the number of daily technology tools we have today from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers and the amount of interaction, communication, information and data transfer between personal and working environments, as well as the amount of big data, have become more important.


Today, both a commercial organization and individual individuals can be the target of data attacks and hackers. Hackers are constantly improving their attack patterns to gain access to sensitive data. With more than 350,000 new malware detected every day, solutions that provide additional storage space need to rise and be adopted.


Using more than one product to address this need creates many security vulnerabilities, complicates management and makes it more costly. Acronis True Image is  able to proactively stop any malware attack and then quickly restore affected files with a single integrated solution to its users. With its single, intuitive interface, it reduces data security and the complexity of data backup processes.

Integration Provides Superior Cyber Protection!


For the past few years, Acronis True Image has been the only personal backup solution with a built-in anti-ransomware that stops attacks in real time while automatically restoring all affected files.


This next-generation, full-featured anti-malware software has been proven by independent security labs such as Virus Bulletin and AV-Test to provide a 100% detection rate with zero false positives.


In our increasingly digital world, the importance of cyber security and cyber protection continues to become more important and vital. Having Acronis True Image, a holistic cyber protection and cybersecurity solution in hybrid work, which is the new working order  , means having the ideal cyber security solution of the digitalizing world.


Advantages of Acronis True Image


It provides real-time protection driven by AI-enhanced behavioral heuristics that stop all malware, including zero-day attacks from never-before-seen threats.


It performs on-demand antivirus scans of the entire system or quick scans of risky files, which can be pre-programmed or run instantly.


It provides web filtering that automatically blocks Windows users from accessing malicious websites that harbor malware, disinformation, fraud, and phishing attacks.


Video conferencing protection prevents hackers and malware injection attacks from exploiting popular apps like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams.


It offers comprehensive detection with both behavioral analysis and signature-based analysis engines.


Acronis Survival Kit is an all-in-one tool that creates a full system backup (including everything you have on your computer) and restores it with the ability to boot using an external USB drive. That way, all your programs, data, and photos stay completely safe.


With Signature-Based Analysis, True Image's antivirus defenses check for updates to the threat database every five minutes.

CPU load balancing prioritizes other applications, preventing your PC's CPU from overloading during antivirus scans.

You can suspend protection functions for as long as you want, adjust it according to a schedule or so that it continues the next time you restart it.

Acronis True Image isolates potential threats in quarantine while checking the exclusion lists that allow approved programs to run without interruption.

Integrating with Windows' built-in protection, True Image guarantees compatibility with Windows instructions and other security solutions.


If replication of a backup is interrupted, the replication process starts at the point of interruption, saving time and cloud storage by ensuring that data is not copied.

It also has features such as connecting, moving, renaming, converting Tibx archives to .vhd format and fast backup verification.


How to Use Acronis True Image


With Acronis True Image, you can back up your data to a computer, an "Acronis Cloud" account, a network device, or an FTP site, and encrypt your backup for added security. You can even "notarize" your files with blockchain technology to make sure they haven't been tampered with.


Extremely easy to configure and use, Acronis True Image's "Advanced" and "Premium" subscriptions feature real-time and on-demand antivirus protection. "Standard" and "Essential" licensees receive 90 days of free antivirus protection.


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