SAP Business One is a fully equipped ERP system designed for medium-sized businesses  that  provides higher levels of control. With the  SAP Business One system, businesses connect and modernize their software processes,  and enable growth with your business.  The system, which has functional modules for finance, customer relationship management, warehousing and production management, purchasing and supply management, reporting and analytics, focuses on new features and platform improvements with the latest version of SAP Business One 10.0.


What's New in SAP Business One 10.0


One  of the highlights of the latest release was ease of use, cost management, and the ability to work on the cloud. It aims to provide users with more convenient usability, better security, and more robust platform stability, while also offering more viable and cost-effective models.


SAP's goal with the new 10.0 release has been mainly the   enrichment and development of the digital center of SAP Business One  . While improving the usability and extensibility of SAP Business One, they are mainly  focusing on streamlining business processes.


 The topics updated in SAP Business One 10.0 are as follows.


1.      Web Client,

2.      Management

3.      Sales, purchasing and service,

4.      Financial management,

5.      Project management

6.      Inventory and distribution,

7.      Interlocutors,

8.      Cross-module topics,

9.      Platform and extensibility,

10.  Lifecycle management.


In line with these topics, when it comes to detailing the topics that may be important for users, it is important to  update the platform and extensibility feature  .  With these important updates, while in previous releases users could only integrate with some features of OneDrive, they now  completely eliminate the need for extra add-ons when using Microsoft Office 365. Thanks to this new integration of SAP Business One 10.0, especially with Microsoft Office 365 and  OneDrive, it allows many user data such as document edits and reports to be transferred to Microsoft applications. In addition, the latest version is intended to make work easier by providing more flexibility in  template management, reporting and document management.  In this way, with largely automated  methods,  faster, more accessible and  easier to use  working methods than past SAP Business versionsare replacing manual working methods.


With SAP Business One 10.0 version for project management feature,  the interaction, ease and visual planning  of  Gantt charts has been improved.  The project management feature has  made Gantt charts more interactive, allowing projects to be easily shortened, expanded and moved off the chart.  In this context, Gantt charts are no longer available  as a static overview tool, but  as a dynamic project planning tool.


With the release of SAP Business One 10.0  in financial reports, functionality such as drill-down has been improved.  Account details, account balances of the relevant accounts  and  other detailed information can now be accessed directly and more easily, which increases  the level of transparency and usability.  In the localizations that take place, it is possible to examine the profit and loss statements or balance sheets of certain branches more easily and to  filter them according to certain branches.


The Web Client feature is based on SAP Fiori design principles for SAP  Business One 10.0 user-defined objects, tables, fields, and just the SAP HMAIN version  with its own analysis functions.  As for usability, a  new user interface has  been developed while using  the Fiori style as an important development.  In addition to providing a clearer display of information about company name and registered   users, improvements have been made to  this user interface to allow  enterprise companies to  switch  between databases and users more quickly.


Many improvements have been made to document printing, with more improved selection criteria  to increase users' ease of use, functionality,  and productivity, especially when printing a large number of documents.  With these improvements, it is possible to send and print more than one service call or service agreement as an e-mail at a time.  Adjustments have been made to the approval process to simplify  users' procedures for those nays, improve usability,  and increase flexibility. Formatted search optimization has also  been achieved for more options and flexibility in the application of  formatted searches, filters  and user-defined values.


What are the Advantages of Using SAP Business One 10.0?


One of the  biggest advantages of the latest 10.0 version of the SAP Business One system is theease of use for users.   Apart from this, some of the  benefits it provides within the company  can be listed as follows:


·         Ability to comply with internal data security policies,

·         Direct access to data and maximum control,

·         Customize and expand the business process more efficiently,

·         Internal hardware, the possibility to benefit from existing IT infrastructure and resources,

·         Continuous licensing (highupfront cost but better total cost opportunity in the long run),[ES1] 

·         Less dependent on regular internet access.


Benefits for cloud technologies:


·         Easy and cost-effective use ,

·         Accessible from anywhere and at any time,  secure browser-based access,

·         Access to the most up-to-date and efficient functionality,independent of  in-house IT employees,

·         Subscription license,

·         Ability to easily manage critical business functions in the web browser.


The mobile appwill also provide:


·         Instant access for when youneed to  view and update data from anywhere,

·         Thanks to the integrated analytical system, real-time decision-making and action taking is possible,

·         Comprehensive sales and service functions,

·         Continued productivity.


SAP Business One is an affordable, end-to-end complete ERP solution designed specifically for SMBs. Just contact us to meet these high level requirements with Logosoft's more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

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