Can you tell us a little bit about Hun Retail?

Hun Retail produces housing under the brand name MİNT.  An Istanbul-based company.   Our company  is  also BP's distributor of Transport.

In addition, in the houses  we produce called MINT Flats,  we also manage and operate these houses. This is      currently the  third business line of our company.

 We received permission from the BRSA  for the establishment of a financing company, MİNT Finansman A.Ş. Our main motto is to do the business retail,  not wholesale.  So,  if you're doing a job at retail,  you  definitely need to do it on the digital platform.


How did you choose the infrastructure and collaborations to use in your Digital Transformation journey?

Digital transformation is  a must for  a company doing business in the retail field,  it needs to be in its vision.   The company  we will   cooperate with for digital  transformation is, of course,  SAP Business One,  which we will describe as  the best  strategic business partner globally.

The  most important factor in choosing Logosoft is that if we work  integrated with  SAP Business One, if we develop  a good  business partnership, we can manage  the processes in  a healthy way   ,   we can continue  to contribute  to all our  solution proposals and  We    thought that  they could approach and respond to our development requests in a  positive way  with our vision in  the right way,  resulting in mutual parties valuing  each other.  Our always leading   customer satisfaction.

  The   positive improvement of these processes  with  digital transformation has also led to positive feedback on  the customer satisfaction side.  At the same time, we were  very pleased  to  see that our colleagues  increased their motivation with  digital transformation. We  consider this  , in fact, as follows: A good  strategic and a good  business partnership is the mutual addition of value to each other.


Hun Retail, how would you describe the rapid growth of the SAP Business One project.

What  impressed me the most  was that  there was  a very strong senior management will in  Hun Retail at that time and they were  really  participatory.

I think this is  one of the  reasons for the  biggest  success of the project. They  were  looking for an end-to-end  solution that would solve both communication and infrastructure, security and backup issues. We  have gradually commissioned all these services with the work we  have carried out  there.


Could you tell us a little bit about what Binsal has contributed to this project?

Binsal  is  a system integrator company that is approaching its thirtieth year.  The  main task                  of managing the business processes of our customers and digitally transforming their business processes with the support of technology and providing guidance services to them during this transformation within our area.   One of the  important features that  distinguishes it from other conventional customers is  constantly touching the  end user, that is,  the consumer.   Therefore,  the  problems that are likely to occur on the consumer side  should be solved immediately and at  high speed.


The important feature of SAP Business One is  the point at which it begins to differentiate from  a standard ERP program.   Business models that  have achieved success in it are already coming in place.  Therefore,  we can adapt the way the organization does  business to  these processes without disrupting it  , but by accelerating it.   Secondly,  a system that is  extremely  open to integration is SAP Business One.


The project we  have actually realized at Hun Retail  is a complete  integration project. 


How do you position SAP Business One in your company?

Obviously, SAP Business One  was a structure that would  both  meet our future vision and  support the growing organization.   I think we have overcome  this digitalization process together with a really good  cooperation.


What is the importance of digitalization for companies?

In order to compete today,   it is absolutely necessary to work with   these technologies,  and all processes must be moved to the  digital environment. As Logosoft, we want to  be a  companion  to businesses in this process,  as in Hun Perakende. 

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