In today's digital marketplace, with all the technological advances and emerging trends in all directions, competition has never been more challenging. In addition to competition, businesses are increasingly aware of the potential impact of hackers and data breaches on company revenues, while also needing many digital business applications, especially better security solutions. In order for digital business applications to  deliver the best performance, it remains important for businesses to stay up-to-date and embrace developments that help increase revenue growth, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.


What is a Digital Business?


Businesses that use digitization and technological solutions to market their products and services are treated as digital businesses today. A successful digital business is able to quickly adapt to the needs and requirements of its market, while using a variety of technological resources and business tools to innovate and grow in an industry that presents new challenges to small and large companies all the time. While digital businesses rely on technology to operate and grow, depending on industries;


·         Use productivity applications and task management systems to automate workflows,

·         Leveraging artificial intelligence to improve customer experience,

·         It needs digital business applications for efforts such as data capture to improve business intelligence.


Being a digital business impacts every part of the organization, from the employee experience to customer service to back-end maintenance and management.


What Does Digitalization Bring to Businesses?


There are countless advantages to transforming a business into a digital business. Digitalization, which increases productivity as well as increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations;


1. It boosts productivity.  In digitalization, where automating manual processes has a great impact, minimal errors and fast operational processes are developing.


2. Provides lower operating costs.   The main goal of every business is to save time and money. Performing manual operations and routine tasks is extremely time-consuming, but relatively slower than automated techniques. It also reflects a well-known fact that inefficient processes can cost companies a significant portion of their income. When transactions are made automatically, the probability of error is lower, and more efficient and cheaper business processes take place.


3. Provides high quality and consistency.  The biggest advantage of having a digital business is that it can guarantee that all transactions are done consistently.


4. Adds management capability and reliability.  Digital business services offer consistent work and allow the user to trust them. In addition to providing convenience to the management of the business, it also helps to provide reliable procedures and methods to customers.


Components of the Digital Enterprise


There are some key components that a business must have in order to digitize a business.


1. Artificial Intelligence: It is considered one of the most efficient methods in digital enterprises. It helps organizations anticipate customer requests and business outcomes faster, etc. He can detect what is happening and calculate the causes. It also offers optimal solutions for any problem that arises.


2. Internet of Things: The Internet of Things, or IoT, is helping to develop smart products. In addition, the advent of 5G internet allows businesses to reach their goals faster and increase the efficiency of processes.


3. Digital Engineering: This technology plays a vital role in transforming customers' journeys. It also enables rapid innovation to help launch new brands and technologies.


Steps to Becoming a Successful Digital Business


Managing a digital business requires a lot of effort to adapt to new technologies and strategies. But this type of innovation will help you target more efficient processes and deliver unique products and services to your consumers.


That's why we've listed below 5 recommendations for you to have a successful digital business.


1. 360º online presence: Because consumers can recognize your business across multiple channels, it's critical to maintain consistency and integrity between your brand, tone, and visual identity.


2. Communicating with customers: Finding innovative and effective ways to communicate with customers is crucial for digital businesses. Often, potential customers will find the information they need on the website or social media; however, some may think that this is not enough or that it is not interesting. Therefore, the ideal is to use a wide selection of channels to communicate with them effectively and memorably.


3. Customized experience: Data generated from many digital tools such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) provides information about customers' needs, interests, preferences and behaviors. This information helps customers personalize their experience on your site, blog or e-commerce business by offering individual offers and different services based on their previous needs.


4. Automation: Combining automation tools in different departments to optimize resources and make repetitive tasks more efficient is an extremely valuable process for companies.


5. New buying options: Through the use of tools that encourage and accelerate the purchasing decision for users, companies can use these platforms to expand their offerings to potential customers who don't know the brand.


With all this in mind, it is also necessary to focus on how an integrated digital platform can run tools such as CRM, billing, e-commerce, analytics, BPM, ECM, job horse and selection in the same interface.


Therefore, finance, logistics, inventory, marketing, management, human resources, sales and many more related tasks can be done, managed and digitized with a single tool.


Why Do You Need Digital Business Applications with Logosoft?


Today, digital business applications are used in almost all industries. Everything is created in the digital world and all systems are digital. That's why companies that use digital business applications seem to have a higher potential for growth. However, if digital business applications are used correctly, a big step is taken in the growth of a company. We serve you with our 30 years of experience to ensure that digital business applications used all over the world and in every sector directly contribute to the growth of your company.

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