As the world continues to digitalize rapidly, companies are trying to adapt to this new world order. One of the most important issues for all businesses operating commercially is operating costs. Especially in recent years, the importance of technological resourcesas a solution is emerging in response to the increase in operating costs  . It is becoming easier for businesses that start to take help from technology to control or reduce current operating costs in many areas.


Virtualization is the Basis of Cloud Computing


Most organizations use servers that run only a small fraction of their capacity, as they typically dedicate their physical servers to a specific application. This is often an inefficient mechanism because there is excess capacity that is not consumed, which leads to higher operating costs and IT costs.


What is Virtualization?


Virtualization uses software to create an abstraction layer on the physical hardware. In doing so, it creates a virtual computing system known as virtual machines (VMs). This allows organizations to run multiple virtual computers, operating systems, and applications on a single physical server and essentially separate it into multiple virtual servers. One of the main advantages of Sanalization is the more efficient use of physical computer hardware, which results in a greater return on a company's investment.


What is a Virtual Machine (VM)?


In the simplest possible terms, a virtual machine (VM) is a virtual representation of a physical computer. As mentioned above, virtualization allows an organization to create multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, each with its own operating system (OS) and applications.


However, a virtual machine cannot directly interact with a physical computer. Instead, it needs a lightweight software layer called a hypervisor to coordinate with the physical hardware it runs on.


What is a hypervisor?


A hypervisor is a thin layer of software that allows multiple operating systems to run side-by-side and share the same physical computing resources. These operating systems come as the virtual machines (VMs) mentioned above, and the hypervisor assigns each VM its own portion of basic computing power, memory, and storage. This prevents VMs from interfering with each other.


Benefits of Virtualization for Businesses


While  virtualizing your environment can increase scalability while reducing expenses, here are just a few of the many benefits that virtualization can bring to your organization:


1. Reduces your IT expenses.  Using a non-virtualized environment can be inefficient because computing is idle and unavailable to other applications when you are not using the application on the server. When you virtualize an environment, that single physical server becomes many virtual machines. These virtual machines can have different operating systems and run different applications while they are all hosted on a single physical server.


2. Reduces downtime and increases flexibility in disaster recovery situations.  When a disaster affects a physical server,   it can take hours or even days to replace or repair it. With a virtualized environment,  this is easy to provision and deploy, allowing you to replicate or clone the affected virtual machine. Unlike the hours required to provision and set up a new physical server, the recovery process will only take a few minutes, significantly increasing the resiliency of the environment and improving business continuity.


3. Increase efficiency and productivity.  With fewer servers, your IT teams will be able to spend less time maintaining physical hardware and IT infrastructure. Instead of going through the laborious and tedious process of implementing updates as a server-to-server, they will be able to install, update and maintain the environment on all VMs in the virtual environment.  Lesstime will increase your team's efficiency and productivity.


4. Controls independence and DevOps.  Because the virtualized environment is divided into virtual machines, your developers can quickly run a virtual machine without impacting the production environment. This will provide the ideal environment for Dev/Test as the developer can quickly clone the virtual machine and run a test in the environment .


What is the Virtuozzo Cloud Platform for VMware and Its Benefits ?


Virtuozzo Cloud  , your  self-service vCenter   cloud management portal, enables you to add secure self-service and flexible billing to VMware vCenter, create a powerful cloud experience, reduce manual effort  and increase sales.


·         VMware vCenter is a powerful virtualization platform, but it doesn't deliver the experience that cloud customers expect. With vCertozzo, you can turn vCenter into a complete self-service cloud with automated orchestration, provisioning, and billing.

·         Customers can provision and manage their own cloud resources in one or more vCenter instances.

·         With low cost of ownership, you get revenue from your data center, increasing agility and performance.

·         You add new service offerings to your portfolio that offer more speed, security, and scalability.

·         With integrated VMs, containers and software-defined storage, you reduce costs and add more value.

·         You can give customers automatically measured and calculated billing terms that work for them.

·         You can brand your portal, sell the vCenter cloud in any language and currency, and customize it for different customer tiers.

·         VM application and OS templates can be deployed to any of your vCenter environments from a central library. You don't waste time setting up separate libraries in multiple places or waste storage space through duplication.

·         You can enhance your vCenter environment with your own custom services based on KVM cloud, private or public CDN, bare metal servers and scripts, third-party software, or professional services. All of these are managed and provisioned through the same user interface.

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