The intensity of the business world is changing moment by moment with the technological developments. In the business arena where more competitive environments are formed, operational efficiency is the area that companies need the most and focus on their solution, regardless of the sector. The fact that companies are constantly innovating  to get  ahead of their competitors is also at the top of the list of steps to be taken to ensure operational efficiency. Here, too, companies need to adopt up-to-date tools and technologies  to reduce operating costs, streamline workflows, and  improve the quality of their business output  . Enterprise resource planning tools also reveal a business presence that companies can't ignore. In particular, financial  management can increase productivity in operational processes  by streamlining supply chain functions and inventory management.


Sales, human resources, purchasing, accounting, etc. functions are interrelated to each other and database sharingERP, Enterprise Resource Planning,  is  a series of customizable and fully integrated applications that will allow companies to grow efficiently,while the purpose of the ERP system of companies  is  and understanding and determining its relationship to the ultimate business goals is of great importance here.


Why ERP?


An ERP system is a tool that strongly integrates interactions between marketing, sales, quality control, and many other areas. ERP systems can provide seamless integration between core business processes such as human resources, manufacturing, sales, finance, inventory management, and marketing to increase profitability. Therefore, in all areas where resource planning is needed, the use of ERP systems by companies can help them gain a strong competitive advantage  and bring instant business success.  In the selection of ERP, it is also   important  for companies to review their needs and current trends, to talk to business stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and managers to understand their needs and to review customer reviews.


What is SAP Business ONE HANA?


SAP HANA is  SAP Business One's in-memory computing platform that powers application performance for speed and enables analyzing large amounts of data in real time. SAP HANA eliminates the complexity and unnecessary operating costs inherent in legacy IT architecture,  enabling companies to manage business processes smarter,  faster, and easier.   Containing the building blocks for all enterprise-ready applications, most SAP HANA can also meet the  requirements that will be offered by many layers in other application platforms, including transaction databases, reporting databases, integration layers, search, predictive, and web.


With SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA, your business can:


SAP Business One's robust feature set offers visibility across the entire supply chain, making it easy to comply with stringent industry regulations.


1. Offer real-time data access.  Companies can have real-time access to reliable data throughout their  entire operation.


2. It has ready-to-use functionality.  You get ready-to-use features, including pre-built reports and dashboards.


3. It provides less cost.  It offers less hardware and maintenance than traditional database solutions and therefore provides less  cost of operation.


4. It allows for improved  responsiveness. It differs in  planning, sales, production and financial processes with significantly improved responsiveness.


5. It offers interactive reports.  Interactive reports are created in seconds for informed decision making.


6. Creating a simplified IT environment.  With a simplified IT environment, transactions and analytical evaluation  are accessed through a single system.


How SAP HANA Can Benefit Your Growing Business


·          Provides agility.  To clearly define and focus onthe  right priorities, it provides companies  with  real-time business information when they need it.

·         Provides sufficient lik. It empowers employees with formation search capabilities and interactive analytics tools to help them be more efficient and independent of  IT  staff.

·          Provides insight.  It provides analytics to gain unprecedented insight into action capabilities, while leveraging a single platform for actions   to  be taken.

·         It creates value.  It provides a simplified IT environment with a solution priced for small businesses and designed for scalability.


What is being achieved by migrating to SAP HANA?


1.  Enhanced Promise (ATP): Enables companies to   control and reserve timed ATP, suggest delivery schedules, control delivery quantities,  and reschedule deliveries.

2. Delivery  Schedule Management: Companies can expedite orders, confirm order status, view alternative items, check if they are promiseable,  and reschedule sales orders.

3.Cash Flow Forecasting:   With an in-depth look at the cash flow situation of  the enterprise, the cash that companies need to carry out  the business process and evaluate new opportunities can be evaluated.

4. Interactive Analysis: Drag and drop report builder can be used to create financial or operational reports without the need for technical knowledge.

5. Dashboard Designer: Can create interactive dashboards with click-on ease from SAP Business One data  and  gain insights to help plan for the future with confidence.

6. Enterprise Search: Faster access to relevant or transactional data can be achieved based on a Google-like search. By adhering to data security policies designed by system administrators or implementers, dynamic filters can be applied and drilleddown.

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